September 19, 2022

After scanning in Whatsapp, the contact will be made in one go SAVE

Instant messaging app WhatsApp has new features like Instagram and Snapchat. You no longer need to type or save a number to add a new contact. Just scan a QR code and a new contact will be added. WhatsApp has started offering this new feature in the latest beta versions of Android and iOS. It will also be rolled out for a stable version soon.

This is how it will work. This feature will

appear as the contact QR code of WhatsApp users after the introduction of this feature. Your phone number is hidden in this QR code. Then if you want to add a new number to your WhatsApp list you just have to scan your QR code. In the beta version, the option to view and scan the QR code is given in the Settings menu of WhatsApp.

As you tap on Settings you will see an icon of QR code right next to your profile. You will see your QR code as you type on it. This QR code will work if someone wants to add your number. Right next to it you will see the Scan Code option.