June 30, 2022

An important step for Instagram in view of the lockdown, know your advantage!

There is a lockdown and people are sitting at home. In such a time everyone is talking on social media to stay connected with each other. There is a different craze of video call in this too. Following this phenomenon every application is also bringing new features. Similarly, there is a huge feature on Instagram. In which up to 50 people can talk on a video call together.



An easy way to video chat with up to 50 of your favorite people? Yes please 🙋‍♀️

Starting today, you can create @messenger Rooms on Instagram and invite anyone to join 👇

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Instagram has shared this information on Twitter. Instagram users will be able to use this feature after the new update. Messenger room will be able to use video conferencing. It will have to invite friends using the link. Whoever hosts the room will also be able to lock it again, so that no one else can come in and at the same time the host man will have the option to remove someone.

Use this way

Go to the message directly in the app to use this feature. There you will find the option of video chat. You will then have the option to create a room. You will then be able to send people a link to join the room. Your phone needs to have Facebook Messenger for video calling.