September 19, 2022

Big news for small shoppers in Corona crisis, Facebook brings ‘online shop’

It is now the turn of small shopkeepers to suffer huge losses due to the Coron crisis. And because of the lockdown, most of the business is now going online. Teva will be bringing Facebook online shopping service to sell goods online to small shopkeepers. With this service, shoppers will be able to open their own shop on Facebook and sell goods online in their own way. Thus Facebook can compete with big companies like Amazon and Flipkart.

What is Facebook Shop?

Simply put, this is an online store that business people can create on the Facebook platform. The customer can view this store through Facebook or Instagram. Facebook has also said that it will be available on Facebook Shop Messenger and WhatsApp in the coming days. People can view Facebook Shop by going to any business or Facebook page or Instagram profile. Or they can see the Facebook shop through Story and Ad.

If a customer has a question about a product, they can talk directly via messenger or WhatsApp. Can track their own orders, can even take help. Facebook has even said that in the near future, you can buy goods instead of chatting on Messenger and WhatsApp.