September 19, 2022

Control Room Operator Iraq job

  • Manage production operations through the control system, establishing priorities and sequences for bitumen production.
  • Contribute to the creation and implementation of best practice Production in BBU.
  • Implement the scheduled daily controlling activities for smooth and trouble-free operations.
  • Control the production activities to ensure the quality of products meets specifications.
  • Adjust work procedures and plant parameters as needed for efficiency and flow of production.
  • Assist in preventive maintenance program (in co-operating with shift supervisor or shift engineer) of all plant equipment to ensure operational and safety performance.
  • Review and implement standard operating procedures and best working practices also perform other assignments, tasks & duties as assigned by shift engineers or supervisors.
  • Create and maintain a motivating work environment with the QC and production staff.
  • Responding quickly to any emergencies in the Biturox Process Unit (ISBL) and OSBL and control it through best practices from the process control room.
  • Ensure that safe work rules and practices are understood, implemented, and consistently followed during his work.
  • Implement HSE procedures and processes to achieve an “Accident & Incident” free environment.
  • Ensuring daily, weekly, and monthly continuous production operation and record all the raw material and product quantities for better operation optimization.
  • Participating in daily shift meetings with shift supervisor and shift engineer.

Technical Diploma/ Degree in Chemical or Process Engineering.
Minimum of 5+ years’ experience in Refinery.
Previous operational Boardman experience.
Experience in Bitumen Blowing Unit (BBU) as a Control Room operator is desired.
Familiar with Biturox, Production, and Operation.
Previous success in supervision positions related to Poerner License Units is strongly desired.
Strong teamwork and logical thinking skills.
Strong written and verbal communication and interpersonal skills.
Able and willing to collaborate in a team environment and exercise independent judgment.
Knowledge of safety laws and regulations.
Strong knowledge of oil and gas practices and operation.
  Certified in multiple categories in BBU Plant Production.