July 26, 2022

Electrical Engineer Instrument Technician operations Technician Mechanical Technician Operations, Maintenance jobs

Russian Company LUKOIL Mid-East Limited, jointly with BOC and the Iraqi Ministry of Oil, is doing its best to preserve the Iraqi personnel amid the pandemic.

Moreover, the Company continues to recruit new employees from among the locals, developing programs for training Iraqis in the best specialized Russian universities, with gradual replacement of the expats’ positions with the Iraqi specialists, graduates of further education courses and training programs.

Besides, in line with the internal policy of the consistent personnel Iraqization, LUKOIL Mid-East Limited invites talented youth from among the best graduates of the Iraqi universities in 2020 to participate in the competition for training in 2021, as well as oil and gas industry specialists to join the competition for filling the vacant positions, by sending their CVs at the following e-mail:


21 Contracts Legal Counsel
22 Corporate Legal Counsel
23 Shift Superintendent
24 Artificial Lift Engineer
25 Contract Administrator
26 Electrical Engineer
27 Metrology Lead
28 Production Technology Engineer (Control Room)
29 Data Processing Supervisor
30 Procurement Specialist
31 Documents Processing Specialist
32 Quality Control & Quality Assurance Supervisor
33 Accountant Controller
34 Material Accountant
35 operations Technician (Production, Water
36 operations Technician (Operations, CPF, Oil
37 operations Technician ( CPF, Water Treatment)
38 operations Technician ( CPF, Gas Treatment)
39 Instrument Technician (Power Operations, GTPP
Operations, Maintenance)
40 Mechanical Technician (Power Operations, GTPP
Operations, Maintenance)