November 25, 2022

Electrical Technician Qatar JOB

Job Description

a. To work with Company Electrical Technician to carry out any maintenance and modification work related to electrical equipment including but not limited to the following;

i. HV/MV/LV Power and Distribution Transformers
ii. HV/MV/LV switch board and switch gears
iii. HV/MV/LV cables and terminations
v, MV/LV Motors
vi. Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC)
vii. Variable Frequency Drives (VFD)
viii. Uninterruptible Power Supply Systems (UPS)
ix. Lighting
x. Cathodic Protection (CP) Systems
xi. Hoists
xii. Electrical Systems of Flares

b. Isolates power supply in accordance with the strict Company rules and procedures for low/ medium and high voltage systems.
c. Perform cable laying/ pulling/ termination/ connection/disconnection/ testing etc.
d. Arrange and maintain work tools in good condition and obtain the necessary material for the tasks to be performed.
e. Follow all relevant Company policies/ processes/ standard operating procedures and instructions so that work is carried out in a controlled and consistent manner.
f. Performs other similar duties such as observing safety rules and regulations, follow quality procedures as prescribed, maintaining of good housekeeping on sites, substations, and workshop.
g. Shall understand and work within the framework of the company’s Maintenance, Safety and Environmental Policy and regulations.
h. Ensure all relevant quality, health, safety, and environmental procedures, instructions and controls are adhered to so that the safety of employees/ quality of products/services and environmental compliance can be guaranteed.

 Skills required:

• Shall have the necessary experience to carry out the maintenance and modification work on Electrical Equipment.
• Familiarity with Electrical Control and Protection Systems like PLCs, Motor Protection Relays, Feeder Protection Relays etc
• Carry out basic repairs of electrical equipment and power circuits. Contributes in trouble shooting the complex and major electrical problems or breakdowns.
• Read and interpret simple machine sketches, Single Line Diagram, complex control schematics and diagnose flow charts as necessary to facilitate proper maintenance.
• Ability to use all related tools and instruments for the above said maintenance activities.
• The personnel shall be able to use and maintain all type of testing and calibration instruments including Multimeter and Insulation Tester ( Megger).
• Shall be well familiar with the hazardous chemicals / materials used in the Oil & Gas industries and means to perform the Installation / Maintenance activity safely.
• Shall be aware of safety and environmental aspects in the Oil & Gas plants.
• Knowledge about Work permits system in large scale industries.
• Knowledge about Lock-Out Tag-Out (LOTO)

Qualification required:

• Minimum of 3 years Diploma in Electrical Engineering
• Minimum 5 years of experience in electrical works/ Troubleshooting of Electrical network and control circuits in Oil & gas/Petrochemical
• Shall be able to communicate, read & write in English

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