June 26, 2022

Field Operator Kuwait Oil & Gas job

Field Operator – Kuwait
Industry :- Oil & Gas
Qualification : Degree or Diploma
Exp : 5 – 20 years experience; exposure to pipeline projects are preferred
Note :- Kuwait VISA transferable
Duties & responsibilities
A Field operator ensures that oil or natural gas production moves continuously from the wellhead “downstream”, i.e., to the oil battery, gas plant or processing facility. Field operators typically move from well to well and are responsible for optimizing production of the gas or oil wells that are on their “field run”.
Duties will vary based on the size of the field, whether it produces oil or gas (as well as natural gas liquids, or a mix), and the types of equipment required. Field operators generally start up and stop equipment, take pressure and flow readings, compute and record data, adjust valves/pressures, and examine and repair equipment.
Candidates to email to hr43@hectorandstreak.com