June 30, 2022

Major plane crash in Pakistan, plane carrying 98 passengers crashes in residential area

A Pakistan International Airlines plane crashed on Friday. The plane, coming from Lahore to Karachi, crashed in a residential area near Karachi airport. PIA spokesman Abdul Sattar confirmed the crash. Pakistan’s Geo News footage showed smoke rising instead of crashing. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

Osama Bin Javaid


: reports of plane crash in Karachi. Hearing 90 people were in board on a LHR-KHI flight.

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That being said, no one is likely to survive the incident. The plane crashed just a minute before landing. In addition to the plane’s crew, at least 98 passengers were on board. PIA spokesman Abdul Sattar confirmed the crash, saying Flight A-320 was carrying 98 passengers. The plane was en route from Lahore to Karachi and crashed in the Zina Garden area near Model Colony in Malir. A video of the accident has also surfaced.

Relief work continues

Ambulance and officers have reached the scene. According to Pakistani media, he lost contact a minute before the plane landed. According to preliminary information, there were 98 people in the plane. Of these, 85 were traveling in economy and 6 in business class. Pakistani Army Quick Reaction Force and Pakistan Rangers have reached the spot. They have started relief work.

According to the report, 4-5 houses have come in the rush of this plane. Several vehicles were also damaged. In addition to the passengers on the plane, many people are also likely to die on the ground. As soon as the plane collided, houses caught fire and explosions were heard.