September 24, 2023

Mechanical Supervisor Vacancy

Job Description

  • Communicate all routine, abnormal or emergency Mechanical activities to the Chief Mechanical Engineer and Maintenance Manager. Discuss tool/manpower/special equipment limitations to complete the jobs on time, team member’s concerns/issues, relations with other department, department issues and any concern that can affect mechanical team performance and plant operation excellence.
  • Keep close communication with planning and operation for scheduled and emergency requirements of your department service.
  • Keep close communication with TS, W/H and Administration, and request as much as you need in order to complete the job on schedule.
  • Strive to get from your team accurate and complete information of the conditions of the equipment to work on the ‘as found’ portion of the WO. Fill up with the necessary repair/replace information on the ‘as left’ portion of the WO. If any foreign material is found in any equipment, get a sample and have it analyzed in the lab.
  • Make every effort to set up a culture of methodic behavior on the maintenance activities from starting a job, get all necessary documentation, procedures, tools and materials. To complete the job, follow up the required tests needed to assure the reliable service of the equipment attended.
  • Closely supervise and follow up the implementation of the culture of Zero error on lubrication activities.
  • Keep strict control of WO with “only visual inspection” and investigate the original request, do not close previous investigation without approval of Operation (we had bad experiences on visual inspection only). Disassembling, provided that spare parts are available, is preferable.
  • Always discuss with the team that energy/liquid/gas isolation need to be checked prior to starting any work, even with the WP signed.
  • Ensure that the team adheres 100% to company’s HSE training & procedures.
  • Plan a training strategy to educate Saudi technicians.


  • University graduate/Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering (Mechanical or related field), Master’s Degree preferred
  • Licensed engineering professional 
  • Strong knowledge in power plant mechanical equipment maintenance (rotating and non-rotating)
  • At least 7 years related professional experience, with at least 3 years in supervisory capacity
  • Work experience in maintenance of power plant equipment, boiler/turbine and auxiliaries, spare parts identification and management, planning & scheduling of maintenance
  • Strong leadership (planning, organizing, multi level communication) and technical writing skills
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