March 21, 2023

Netflix’s shocking decision will shut down such customers’ accounts

Online streaming platform Netflix will now terminate the membership of customers who have not used it for the past one year. According to the company, there are many accounts that are paying membership fees but have not streamed any content in the last one year. The company is emailing this type of account and sending a notification.

According to Eddie Woo, director (product innovation) of the company, this will not put too much pressure on the company as its number is only a few lakhs or 0.5 per cent. The company has already included it in its notification guidance.

The company is sending that, notification

Netflix is ​​also sending notifications to people who haven’t seen anything on the platform in 2 years, sending notifications to all inactive members about whether they want to keep their membership intact. If no one responds, the company will terminate their membership.

However, the company will keep the preferences of any member account, different profiles and choice of content unchanged for the next 10 months. So if a member reactivates his account, he will get his account back to its old state.

Eddie Woo has also stated the reason behind the company’s move. He said that this is being done to create a good image of the company among the customers. “We hope that in this new way they can save their hard earned money,” he said.

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