June 30, 2022

Over 1000 movies were downloaded in a pinch, all the records were broken with the speed of internet.

Did you hear that downloading more than 1000 movies in just one second seems like an HD movie or someone is joking but this is not a joke. In the near future you will be able to see these dreams come true. One researcher has brought this to light through his research.

Researchers in Australia have found the speed of the Internet, breaking all world records  . Which is Tbps. The speed of this internet is so high that you can download more than 42 thousand GB of data in just 1 minute. The new world record is set at 44.2 Tbps.

Take a look at the speed of the data on your phone or computer to understand how high the speed was. 1 megabyte contains 1 million units of digital information. And a good broadband connection has a top speed of 100Mbps.

That is 100MB of data is received in one second. This speed is less than 1Mbps in mobile data or wireless connection. Which Speed ​​Researcher has found in Tbps. One terabyte of it contains 1000 units of digital data.

Hundreds of phones are fully stocked in 1 second.
If you get terabytes per second speed, 1000GB of data can be downloaded in one second. The speed the researcher found was 44.2Tbps. This means that the researcher downloaded 44,200GB of data in one second.

The page micro-comb will be loaded in 1000 parts in a sixth of an
hour The plant was planted with a thick network along the University campus in Melbourne. A microcomb smaller than a coin is enough to meet the demand. The university professor said this was just a small glimpse. In the next two to three years, the Internet will change. Work connected to the Internet will be done in the blink of an eye.