March 21, 2023

Plane crash: Scattered death in this colony of Karachi, many lives lost in the smoke.

A plane crashed shortly before landing in Karachi, Pakistan. Several buildings in the Model Colony, a residential area of ​​Karachi, were hit by the plane and caught fire. Many cars and shops were also destroyed. There was debris from planes and buildings all around on the ground and plumes of smoke and dust were flying in the air. In addition to the people traveling in the plane, the victims of the accident on the ground started trying to save lives.

The plane crashed in the alley

Pakistan International Airlines plane A320 crashed in an alley in Karachi’s Model Colony. About 14-15 houses came in this rush and at the same time shops and carts also collapsed. Many people present there were the victims of the accident. As soon as the plane collided, houses caught fire and explosions were heard. There was so much smoke in the street that it was hard to see anything. About half a dozen homes are considered badly damaged.

Relief work difficult due to narrow alleys

Pakistani fire brigade vehicles are trying to contain the blaze. Due to the narrowness of the streets, the fire brigade is facing many problems in the rescue operation. Homes caught fire as the plane crashed. It is being speculated that most of the passengers may have died. Relief workers rushed to the spot and rushed the people to the hospital. The extent of the damage is still being investigated. Information on the number of injured and dead so far is not clear.

Efforts to remove debris

Audio of the pilot’s conversation with the control room has also surfaced. According to which, pilot Sajjad Gul had already instructed that the engine was bad and an accident took place after a while. The pilot told the control room that the plane’s engine had broken down, after which he was told that 2 runways at the airport were ready for landing. However, soon after, the pilot called Mayday, which is a distress call and a sign of danger to the creature during radio contact.


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