March 21, 2023

Plant inspector CUI JOB

Position: Plant inspector (CUI)
Location of Job: Doha, Qatar or any other places as designated by the company
Commencement Date Immediate
Visa Business Visa
Status Single

Accommodation Sharing Bachelor Accommodation will be provided by company
Transportation- Local Will be provided by company for business purpose only
Week hours 48 hours per week (6 days a week)
Overtime As per standard SGS practice:

As Employee is on contract basis, he will work six days in a week and One Day OFF (weekly OFF) which is covered in monthly salary. Other than weekly OFF, employee is not entitled for any other leave. Any additional leave will be deducted and treated as unpaid leave. It is not necessary Friday will be OFF. It can be any day after 6 continuous working days. Friday working will not be treated as OT. Incase if candidate worked on 7th Day it will be paid on Special OT rate basis.

Term of Contract Long Term Contract ( 6 months to one year, duration depending on client requirement)

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