June 30, 2022

Project Manager HSE Manager Quality Assurance Manager Laboratory Technician Project Engineer jobs


We are currently sourcing for key personnel with relevant Experience in Oil Spill Response, Site Risk Assessment, Remediation, and Environmental management.

Positions include:
🔹Project Manager
🔹HSE Manager
🔹Quality Assurance Manager
🔹Project Planner Safety Officer
🔹Laboratory Manager/ Supt
🔹Laboratory Analyst
🔹Laboratory Technician
🔹Project Engineer
🔹Principal Soil and Ground Water Consultant

Related works should include Laboratory Services, Technical Consultancy, Onshore Environmental/Waste Management, Design of Soil/Groundwater Remediation Activities.

Interested applicants should include work references in their CV. e.g. Coordination of specific tier 1, tier 2 spill response, Site Assessment and Remediation coordination, etc.

Applicant qualifications should also include Imo level 1/2/3, HSE levels 1/2/3, Soil and Groundwater Remediation, project management, etc.

Qualified and interested persons can apply via this link https://forms.gle/qaNJurkYNE2sZNCX6