September 24, 2023

QA/QC Marine Inspector JOB

Responsibilities and Duties:

  • The QA/QC Inspector shall be responsible monitoring Contract Specific Quality Control System meeting the requirements of this project
  • The QA/QC Inspector shall be responsible for quality auditing, monitoring and oversight of themselves contractor, sub-contractors (Including laboratories) under their control.
  • The QA/QC Inspector shall perform and/or witness any examinations and tests necessary to demonstrate conformance of the works to the requirements of the Contract and shall accept only works by the Contractor that comply with the specified requirements.
  • The QA/QC Inspector shall witness sampling and related testing performed on as well as testing performed in external Third Party Laboratories.
  • Check Line /levels/Coordinates of the works as per the Inspection test plan
  • The QA/QC Inspector shall follow up on all findings (NCR’s, CAR’s Observations) issued on the project to, by themselves or by the contractor or other entities under the contract. Verify that notices of nonconformity have been properly actioned
  • The QA/QC Inspector shall advise the Contractor of any deficiency or deviation in the contract quality system which comes to the Supervision Consultant’s attention as a result of surveillance activities
  •  The QA/QC Inspector shall notify the CLIENT Project Manager, in writing, of any and all discrepancies and deficiencies found in the construction work.
  • The QA/QC Inspector shall make recommendations for correction and assist the CLIENT in assessing the Contractor’s compliance.
  • In the event the Contractor fails or refuses to correct such discrepancies or deficiencies, report the same to the CLIENT Project Manager.
  • The QA/QC Inspector shall be responsible for ensuring the contactor’s Work meets all technical and quality requirements of the contract and shall keep continuous records of action taken and shall advise the CLIENT in writing of significant alteration to construction or manufacturing techniques to ensure that specified requirements are met.
  • The QA/QC Inspector shall conduct audit and surveillance activities to provide evidence of the use and effectiveness of the Contractors quality system throughout the execution of the contract.
  • The QA/QC Inspector will ensure that the Contractor has included the quality assurance requirements of the contract into subcontracts entered into by the Contractor.
  • The QA/QC Inspector shall be responsible for reviewing Contractor’s Quality Reports, test results etc.
  • The QA/QC Inspector shall be responsible to ensure that the Contractor prepares punch lists at appropriate inspection and acceptance stages to record the outstanding work.
  • Defects identified during the punch list walk downs will also require NCR’s to be raised, other than for minor defects. The CLIENT or its nominee may at any time add pending items or defects or Non conformances to Punch Lists.
  • The QA/QC Inspector shall be responsible to check  and  ensure  that  the  Contractor’s  prepared Project Quality Dossier is meeting the project quality requirements.
  •  The QA/QC Inspector shall be responsibility to ensure that the Contractor is taking necessary precautions for the protection of works before the Initial / Final Acceptance / Handover to CLIENT.

Qualification & Experience:

  • (Qualification1 / Discipline Bachelor Degree in Civil Engineering


  • Min. 15 years of experience in Civil Projects
  • Must have at least 10 years of /Ports/Berths/jetties/Dolphins and heavy structural Concrete works in marine environment.
  • Experience in brownfield marine onshore/offshore Project Supervision QA/QC Consultancy background.
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