June 30, 2022

Qc Inspector – tank Qc Inspector – Mechanical Qc Inspector – Civil Building Qc Inspector – Electrical jobs

Elite hiring company announces vacancies in major companies in Saudi Arabia (transfer of warranty)

  • The applicant must be inside Saudi Arabia to transfer warranty
    Qc Inspector – tank (Qc Inspector – Tank)
    Qc Inspector – Mechanic (Qc Inspector – Mechanical)
  • Quality Control Inspector – Civil Building (Qc Inspector – Civil Building)
    Quality Control Supervisor – Civil Buildings (Qc Supervisor)
    Quality Control Inspector – Electrical (Qc Inspector – Electrical)
    Applicant to have a bachelor’s degree
    Minimum 7 years experience condition in the same field required
    For those interested and for those who meet the conditions, please send your resume as an annex or an email document with the need to write the job title in the subject matter