November 26, 2022

Roustabout Brazil vacancy

Pre-Requisite/ Qualification:

  • High School Diploma (U.S.)/ Proof of Completion of Formal Education or Relevant Craft Certificate (where applicable)
  • Successful Military Discharge – Preferred for U.S.
  • Graduate of Trade School or University where knowledge and training acquired are applicable to job requirements – Preferred

General Requirements

  • Promotes a Safe and Respectful Work Environment: Proactively promotes and Maintains a healthy respect for open and transparent dialogue between all levels of personnel. Demonstrates care for the safety and well-being of all personnel, at all times. Invests in each person to provide equal opportunity for development and advancement of those qualified, to fulfill their career objectives. Respects the dignity of all personnel and recognizes their merit.
  • Attend and participate in all required Safety and Operational meetings.          
  • Participate fully in the annual performance appraisal process, competency assessments based on performance against Operational Discipline requirements.                                                        
  • Complete company training requirements for the Roustabout job level as per the training matrix.
  • Full participation in emergency drills and respond to emergency situations as per assigned duties on the station bill.                   

Operational Discipline Requirements

Disciplined application and participation in the Task Planning & Risk Assessment Process. This means, doing the right thing, the right way, every time following Transocean 5 Key Expectations of Task Planning and Risk Assessment. This is inclusive of:

  • Understanding and perform the roles and responsibilities as assigned at the pre-job meeting.                                             
  • Understanding the hazards associated with the task.                                                               
  •  Understanding and effectively implementing the control measures required to mitigate identified hazards.
  • Execute all tasks and task steps in a disciplined manner, following the  sequence detailed in the relevant procedures                      
  • .Recognize at risk behavior or conditions during tasks and call ‘Time out for Safety’ when unsure, or when the job does not go as planned.        
  • Participate in After Action Reviews to feedback lessons learned from performing the task.     

HSE Requirements

  • Report all incidents, potential hazards or abnormal situations to supervisors.      
  • Actively execute work in accordance with Company Safety Processes, e.g.  START, Task Planning Risk Assessment and use of the Prompt Card, Safe Manual Handling, Working at Heights, etc.                                                
  • Call a Time Out for Safety (TOFS) when you do not understand the plan, when an unsafe condition is observed, or perceived, anytime personal impairment is recognized, when it’s not clear what will happen next, or the hazards and associated risks for the task changes.                                                                                                                  
  • Participate in the execution of the rigs ‘Hold the Zero’ plan.                                                   
  • Comply with the company requirements to safeguard ‘lone workers.’                                          
  • Maintain a safe and tidy work area throughout all tasks and on completion of tasks.                                                                                                                                        


The underlying expectation is that all duties are carried out in compliance with the Company Operational Discipline expectations and HSE requirements.

When considering assignment of duties for the Roustabout, the Supervisor and the Roustabout will apply the rules of task planning (CAKES) to determine if the assigned role is appropriate.

This means confirming that the individuals involved have the knowledge, skills, and experience to carry out the task, and the task plan complies with policy before they are authorized to proceed.

General Duties

A Roustabout works under the supervision of the Crane Operator, however when deemed necessary they may be temporarily assigned to other department supervisors including, Drilling, Maintenance, Engineering, Marine and Subsea. 

During this time, they will be supervised by the appropriate line supervisor for the task and expected to carry out duties in accordance with Company policies.

Duties are varied but may including:

  • Housekeeping, cleaning, tidying and correct disposal of trash.
  • Surface preparation and painting.
  • Assisting in preventative and corrective maintenance of rig equipment.
  • Relieving Floor hands on the Rig Floor.
  • Manually move equipment, tools and materials around the installation, using manual lifting aids and working ‘Hands Free’ whenever reasonably possible.

Lifting Operations

A significant portion of a Roustabouts work involves cargo handling operations. There are significant hazards associated with this work which must be conducted in accordance with Company and Industry Rigging and Slinging Standards including:

  • Inspection of cargo for potential dropped objects.                                                                                   
  • Inspection of lifting slings and shackles.                                                                                       
  • Inspection of cargo containers and contents to verify adequate securing.                          
  • Storage of lifting and rigging equipment correctly when not in use.                                          
  • Identify, report and dispose of damaged lifting equipment.                                                    
  • Using Hands-Free Tools and Taglines to control the load.                                                                       
  • Knowledge and awareness of hazards associated with proximity to danger and suspended loads.                  
  • Understanding and complying with the requirements for safe step back areas.       
  • When deemed competent, act as banksman for crane operations, utilizing the company approved hand signals or use of radios following correct communication protocol.
  • When deemed competent, operate air hoists, chain hoists and other lifting devices.
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