September 19, 2022

Security Analyst Senior Platform Engineer SAP Technical & Functional JOBS

Exciting news to my connections, I’ve some really great opportunities for you in the Oil & Gas/Renewable industry:

  1. Security Analyst (SOC) – 5 years of experience & more
  2. Risk & Governance Manager – 10 years experience
  3. Senior Platform Engineer (Python is a MUST)
  4. Data Integrity Manager (Master Data/Finance)
  5. Advanced Analytics Manager (Cloud/App Architecture)
  6. SAP Technical & Functional (ABAP)

All roles will be based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

If you are keen to explore the above roles, or just to connect for a long-term working relationship, reach out to me directly at

Spread the words, you could be helping someone to secure their next job!