November 26, 2022

Senior Drilling Engineer Vacancy

Senior Drilling Engineer
The Senior Drilling Engineer is responsible for drilling and well engineering design work.

These responsibilities include:
• Agreeing well objectives with the Exploration / Development / Subsurface Teams.
• Liaising with the Well Owner and Finance Department to obtain long lead and well AFE approval at the appropriate time.
• Conducting the well planning required for the preparation of the Basis of Well and casing design, ensuring that appropriate knowledge transfer and risk management systems are implemented throughout the planning process.
• Organising and conducting the Well Design Peer Review.
• Preparation and submission of all HSE notifications and BEIS applications for consents and permits. Ensure that the well design is examined by the Well Examiner.
• Preparation of Drilling and/or Abandonment / Suspension Programmes.
• Equipment list generation and materials ordering
• Operational support to the Drilling Superintendent.
• End of Well Reports.

Key Contacts / Relationships
• Well planning and performance team lead
• Drilling Superintendent
• Drilling Supervisor
• Logistics Coordinator
• Other drilling and completions departments team leads
• Asset managers / well owner
• Exploration Manager
• Finance Manager
• Contracts supply chain analysts
• Well Examiner
• BEIS and HSE
• Service companies

Safety and Environment:
• Risk Register: Hold a risk identification session, and record all risks identified throughout the Well Delivery Process in a risk register.
• Ensure that the risk register is reviewed on a regular basis during both the well planning and operational phases.
• Well Design: Ensure that all casing and well designs comply with Company International policies and standards.
• When designs deviate from Company International policies and standards, ensure that all dispensations are issued and approved at the appropriate level.

• Provide guidance to the Service Companies on their input required to the Well Delivery Process, and the standard of work expected by Company International.
• Financial –
• Provide time and cost input data to the Finance Department for long lead equipment and well AFEs.
• Ensure that the Finance Department and Well Owner are supplied with the AFE input data in sufficient time to obtain Company and partner approval.
• Assist with the Service Company contracting process, as requested.
• Approval of contract expenditure (in SAP).

• Offset Data Review: Collect and analyse the relevant offset data for well planning purposes.
• Use all offset and published data, knowledge capture databases and catalogues in the identification of risk; and in the development of appropriate mitigation strategies.
• Risk Management: Ensure that the identification and understanding of actual or potential risks is applied throughout the well planning process.
• Incorporate risk mitigations plans and strategies into all well designs.
• Well Planning: Conduct all the required well planning in accordance with Company International policies and standards, and the Well Delivery Process.
• Summarise the results of the well planning in the Basis of Well Design Document, and obtain document approval from the Well Planning and Performance Team Lead.
• Prepare the casing design in accordance with Company International policies and standards, and obtain design approval from the Well Planning and Performance Team Lead.

Well Design Peer Review:
• Organise, prepare and present the Well Design Peer Review.
• Liaise with the allocated Completions and Well Systems Engineers to ensure that the appropriate completion and subsea / wellhead design input is presented in the Well Design Peer Review.
• Statutory Notifications, Permits and Consents: Prepare the HSE notification and all BEIS applications for consents and permits in sufficient time to:
– Allow internal Company review and approval prior to issue.
– Gain governmental approval prior to the start of operations.
Note: The Completion, Interventions and Well Systems Team is responsible for all BEIS applications and HSE notifications for well intervention activities.

Well Examination:
• Ensure that the Basis of Well Design, HSE notification and Drilling, Abandonment and Suspension Programmes are issued to the Well Examiner for independent review, in compliance with the Company International Well Examination Scheme.
• Supply the Well Examiner with all other requested documents (e.g. casing design document, rig move procedures, etc.).

Drilling Programme:
• Prepare the Drilling and/or Abandonment / Suspension Programmes, and obtain approval prior to the start of operations.
• Well Materials and Load-out Lists: Liaise with the Service Companies to identify and order the required well equipment and materials.
• Prepare a Load-out List, specifying the equipment and material requirements for each well phase, and issue this to the Logistics Coordinator, Drilling Superintendent and Drilling Supervisor.

Operational Support:
• Provide operational support to the Drilling Superintendent, as requested.
• When requested by the Drilling Superintendent, organise and participate in the Drill the Well on Paper (DWOP) and/or pre-spud meeting prior to the start of operations.
• End of Well Reports: Prepare and obtain approval for the End of Well Report within 3 months of the end of operations. Issue the End of Well Report to all relevant parties.

Collaboration –
Well Objectives:
• Collaborate with the Exploration / Development Subsurface Teams to define and agree well objectives.

• Work with the Well Owner and Finance Department to ensure approval of long lead and well AFE’s are obtained at the appropriate time for each well.

• Work with the Finance Department to ensure that SAP support for well cost estimating and cost control / monitoring is forthcoming for each well.
• Continuous Improvement & Innovation –
– Consider the application of new technology in all well designs.
– Ensure that lessons learnt from previous well designs and operations are applied to current well designs.

Capability Development:
• Ensure that all training courses required to maintain competence are identified and attended.
• People Processes: When requested, assist the Well Planning and Performance Team Lead with the development of less experienced Drilling Engineers.

• Degree qualified Engineer
• Advanced well control
• Risk assessment
• Hazard assessment
• Emergency response

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