November 29, 2022

Senior Operator JOB


Operate and monitor the wellhead towers and field activities, including well test using test vessel and MPFM, SIMOPS, ensures all field work and changes are carried out according to Company rules and regulations, efficiently and safely. Carries out fields and plant monitoring and operating plant and field processes through VDU/ DCS/ LER, monitors globally and takes suitable actions.


  • Carry out assigned Operational work safely to assigned standards in line with Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s)
  • Directs controls the activities of a team of Contracts workforce involved in operating the Production facilities, including starting up / shutting down the wells, first-line maintenance and reservoir monitoring pressure survey, pigging operations, sampling and WHT housekeeping..
  • Monitor the operation of oil / gas and water production including opening, closing, adjusting wells, operating wellhead equipment, controlling quantities of water injected, to ensure the oil & gas production quantities & quality are as per required target. Reports the results to Team Leader, Production.
  • Ensure to follow up ICV procedure in accoradance with Company’s Guidelines for the smart wells
  • Annulus pressure monitoring and depressurazition througe Smart Vessel in accordance with Company’s Guidelines
  • Prepares Procedures and Coordinates with Field Supervisors in implementing such campaigns. Non Routine operations & activities and special campaigns undertaken from time to time such as pigging of pipe lines, mothballing of unused lines, pressure testing of subsea lines, corrosion monitoring on the surface facilities in wellhead Towers and modifications for the existing systems and WHT preparation for Drilling and Production SIMOPS.
  • Carry out routine checks on equipment for abnormalities to report defects noted in equipment and coordinate with the reporting supervisor to arrange for servicing.
  • Receive chemicals, maintain the stock/consumption register and prepare chemical batches required for the process ensuring adherence to procedures and while following all HSE procedures and rules.
  • Ensure compliance to all relevant safety, quality and environmental management policies, procedures and controls to guarantee employee safety, legislative compliance, delivery of high quality products/service and a responsible environmental attitude.
  • Obtain work permits, follow up on-going jobs and monitor Contractors activities ensuring adherence to safety regulations and procedures
  • Carry out duties when required during emergencies, as per the Facility Response Plan
  • Communicate and follow instructions of the Supervisor to carry out duties efficiently and safely.
  • Prepare various key Performance Indicator commitment checklists for management perusal.
  • Assists Productions Supervisor in co-ordination with Projects team/ Engineering for Modifications packages and ensures that the work is carried out in a safe environment, Raises PMR and follows up with Maintenance Planning to update maintenance activities.
  • Operates the DCS Locally when required for WHT start-up, operations and shut down as per Operguid procedures. Monitors all plants and Wellhead Towers conditions through displays, graphics and trend logs. Maintains the sub-sea line pressure to meet the injections target of Company’s WHT’s.


  • Direct hire
  • Location: Abu Dhabi, UAE
  • Rotation: 28 days ON / 28 days OFF


Minimum Qualification

Technical Diploma in relevant field

Minimum Experience & Knowledge & Skills

5-6 years of experience in Plant Operations within a large industrial plant, in the Oil and Gas industry.

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