September 18, 2022



  • Please note that the candidate will be required to remain in Myanmar for the entire duration of the assignment due to travel restrictions and COVID19. 
  • Highly experienced to prepare programs of work
  • Core competency in Open Hole Gravel Pack completion
  • Trained and competent to manage well control situations
  • Established HSE procedures and policies are maintained
  • Adequate feedback to ensure that completion know-how is shared within company. Guarantee the follow up of operations during completion and intervention, respecting the company procedures, safety and environment.
  • Optimization of procedures in order to reduce costs and delays
  • Execute quality assurance/quality control on equipment and procedures
  • The challenge is to optimize operations to minimize operational delays while respecting the high standard of safety and environment level
  • Provide technical support based on experiences.
  • Participate to the well delivery within project budget and planning.
  • Ensure the respect of safety rules, of the environment and of the frame of reference.
  • Guarantee the accomplishment of the completion and/or work-over operations, in compliance with codes of practice, safety and environmental protection, all while optimising costs and lead times.


  • 15 years in similar role 
  • Competent in Open Hole Gravel Pack completion


  • Mechanical Diploma (Bachelor or University diploma or Higher Technical diploma).
  • Valid IWCF
  • Medical Certificate (less than 1 year)