March 21, 2023

Technical Operation Supervisor JOB

We are looking for a Technical Operation Supervisor for OL3 Nuclear Power Plant.

Within OL3 project, inside Commissioning Department the main duties of the Technical Operation Supervisor are the following:
Ability to manage an OPS team in an incidental or accidental situation (PWR NPP only)
Ability to realize a nuclear risk analysis (for line-up, corrective maintenance, for ex)
Overall understanding about PWR NPP
Analyze the incidental statement of the plant , can conduct the plant in a safe state.
Experience in PWR NPP operation
Nuclear safety management

General and technical background:
Nuclear process on PWR (in operation)
Nuclear safety knowledge on PWR (operation)
French technical specification or US technical specification LCO
RP knowledge (in PWR plant in operation)
Knowledge for operation (operator round, lineup, blocking, technical specification, plant state check, etc.)

Skills required:
PTW officer or shift supervisor in PWR unit in operation only (1300, 1400, EPR)
Significant experience in main control room unit in operation (PWR)
3 years’ experience minimum in PTW officer
Knowledge about blocking process and maintenance process
Knowledge in Nuclear safety (barrier, safety function, human tools, redundancy, requirement for shift manager in an NPP)
Knowledge and skills in technical specification (French RGE STE , US LCO)
Communication and ability to advise practices
Monitor attentively parameters and plant state
Possess a robust comprehension of the plant design and the interaction between systems

Ability to realize a nuclear risk analysis(for lineup, blocking, for ex)
Overall understanding about PWR NPP
Experience in PWR NPP operation
Adopt a careful approach in the plant operation

Project: Olkiluoto 3 NPP
Duration: 9 Months
Location: Finland

Languages : English fluent and Finnish and German or/and French would be good

If you wish to get involved in a growing Group, we invite you to apply as soon as possible.

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