November 30, 2022

The COVID-19 vaccine brought big news, a lot of hope to India

There is good news among the growing number of coronavirus patients. The vaccine that is being tested in Britain for the treatment of coronavirus has now reached the second stage. Vaccine testing on humans has begun at this stage. If the experiment is successful, more than 10,000 people will be vaccinated. India has also expressed hope that 80% of the trials of this vaccine will be successful.

Let me tell you that last month a researcher from Oxford University conducted a trial of the vaccine on more than a thousand volunteers to test its effectiveness and safety. Scientists announced on Friday that they now plan 10,260 trials in the UK, including for children and the elderly.

Clinical studies are moving fast

Andrew Pollard, who is leading a team working to develop the vaccine at Oxford University, said clinical studies are making better progress. We are going to investigate how effective this vaccine is in the elderly. So that it can be ascertained whether this vaccine can provide protection to the entire population.

On how long the vaccine will

be ready, Pollard told a news website that no predictions can be made about the vaccine at this time. He also did not say when the fully capable vaccine would be ready. “Right now it is very difficult to say when the vaccine will be ready and when it will not be guaranteed,” he said.

India hopes for vaccine
Adar Poonawala, chief executive of the Serum Institute of India (SII), the world’s largest vaccine
maker, said it would take up to two years to develop the Covid-19 vaccine. He said the vaccine could be available by the end of this year. He says it all depends on the UK vaccine trial which has now reached the second stage.

Pune-based SII is currently working on vaccine candidates developed by Oxford in the UK, Codegenics in the US and Themis, a biotech firm in Australia. Poonawala expressed the highest hopes for the Oxford University vaccine, saying it was the foremost in the trial.

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