Wellsite Drilling Engineer HSE Advisor Drilling Supervisor Senior Drilling Engineer Drilling HSE Engineer Petroleum Engineer Reservoir Engineer jobs

HI, we are interested in reviewing your resume for the position below;

  1. Wellsite Drilling Engineer
  2. Completion Supervisor
  3. Intervention Supervisor
  4. Wellsite Geologist
  5. Material Coordinator
  6. HSE Advisor
  7. Senior Drilling Supervisor
  8. Drilling Supervisor
  9. Drilling Manager
  10. Drilling Superintendent
  11. Senior Drilling Engineer
  12. Drilling Engineer
  13. Senior Completion Engineer
  14. Drilling Fluid Advisor
  15. Completion Engineer
  16. Material Coordinator
  17. Contract Engineer
  18. Drilling HSE Engineer
  19. Drilling HSE Engineer
  20. Cost Controller
  21. Reservoir Engineer
  22. Petroleum Engineer
  23. Geologist
    Experience level: 5 to 20 years
    Citizens: Malaysians only
    Client: Oil Company
    Interested, please send an updated resume to; industrial@tuv-nord.com or rusmaria@tuv-nord.com
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