November 28, 2022

With a single click, the plight of India’s 29 million job-seeking youth increased

Once again, the information of millions of Indian users has reached the Dark Web. This information has been given by the cyber firm Cybel. Sibley had earlier also leaked information about data leaks from Facebook and Unacademy users.

According to a Sibel report, there is personal information of 29 million Indian youth looking for jobs on the Dark Web. The great thing is, no value has been placed on this precious data. This data is available for free on the Dark Web.

The leaked data includes information such as home address and mobile number, including educational qualifications. All this data has been leaked from the website of a major job search company in India. However, the company is investigating the matter. The data is derived from the biodata of the users.

Notably, Sibley had earlier reported data leaks to 260 million Facebook users. Sible claims that data from 26.7 million Facebook users is being sold on the Dark Web for 54 542, or Rs 41,600. The leaked data includes data such as users’ names, Facebook ID numbers, ages, last connections and mobile numbers.

There, Sibal also reported the hacking of Unacademy, India’s largest e-learning platform. According to which, hackers hacked into the server of Unacademy and stole the information of 22 million or more than 22 million students.

The report said Unacademy leaked 21,909,707 data, valued at અમેર 2,000. Unacademy accepted the data leak and advised the user to change the password immediately.

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