February 24, 2024

Zuber’s Horror Description: I jumped out of a plane 10 feet high between fire and smoke

. Karachi

Zubair, a passenger who survived a horrific plane crash in Karachi on Friday, described the incident as shocking. Six people were killed in the plane crash while six passengers were rescued. Twelve of the dead have been identified. The DNA of others is being tested. The Pakistan International Airlines plane crashed in a densely populated residential area near Karachi’s Zina Airport after taking off from Lahore, with Zubair, a miraculous survivor. All the passengers on the plane were watching the death closely. There was a fear of death approaching on everyone’s face. The plane touched the runway once and started to go up again. The first attempt at landing failed and everyone started reading.

I looked around and saw gouts of fire and smoke. I could only hear the screams of the tourists. Nothing was visible except smoke. Zuber said the plane suffered two or three shocks during its first landing. I lost consciousness for a while after the plane crashed but I immediately opened my seat belt. I saw a little light so I moved towards the light. I jumped from a burning plane 10 feet high.

Thank God: Zafar Masood 

Zafar Masood, chairman of the Bank of Punjab, who survived the tragedy, was the first to respond, “Thank God.” Amjad, who saved Masood’s life, said a tourist trying to get out at the emergency door appealed to me to save him. I tried to pull him but his foot got stuck in the door. After this the relief team removed him.

Most of the injured women: hospital treatment  

Authorities said both tourists who survived the crash were burnt and their condition is stable. The plane crashed in a residential area, damaging more than three houses. Eleven women living in the houses were seriously injured and are being treated at a hospital.

Zafar Masood, survivor of plane crash, is related to Pakiza producer Kamal Amrohi  

Zafar Masood, who survived the plane crash, is related to Kamal Amrohi, the producer of the film Pakiza. In the 19th century, Masood’s family moved from Mumbai to Karachi and settled there permanently. Masood’s family lived in Saddo Maholla in Amroha village in UP.

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